Psychological Bodywork

– one-on-one sessions –

A combination of verbal communication, physical touch, and movement.




Sessions are intended to help you to get more in touch with yourself, to strengthen your ability to go through challenges and to increase your overall health and well-being.

Through the power of communication and touch psychological bodywork reaches you on multiple levels (emotional, physical, spiritual etc.). Sessions support you to overcome obstacles, to learn different approaches to chronic conditions, to let emotions be experienced throughout these processes, and to gain better clarity of your individual talents, passions, gifts, goals, and interpersonal relationships.


Psychological bodywork sessions combine different therapeutic approaches, such as Pantarei Approach, De-Armouring, Body Mind Centering, (Hypno-) Systemic Therapy and Gestalttherapy


90 minutes

We start with a sequence of verbal communication and then move on to a hands-on psychological bodywork session on a massage table.

Additionally you may be moving through different positions, such as sitting, lying, standing, or moving in space, depending on your personal process,

Currently I offer psychological bodywork sessions mainly in a studio in Berlin, still it may be worth checking in with me for other options as well.  



It’s a core wish of mine to make sessions and workshops accessible for all, independent of your monetary capacity. In case you can´t afford the regular price, please don´t hesitate to contact me, so we can find a solution together. 

You are warmly invited to contact me for more details.

Together we can find out if and how I may support you in your process and arrange an appointment for a first session. 


How to get started with your first session…


Contact me

Get in touch with me via the contact form or send me an Email.

Schedule meeting

I´ll reply to you within the coming days and we schedule an appointment for a no-obligation and free preliminary online consultation


Preliminary consultation

We get to know each other and find out together how I may support you

Your session

We meet for a one-on-one psychological bodywork session in a studio